Edu backlinks with Edu blog and Gov wiki page

New Edu backlinks offer for our customers UPDATED JUNE 2011:
100+ .EDU & .GOV backlinks / You can get your Own EDU BLOGS from PR8,PR7 main domains That you Manage,You can place your link and post articles and Get WIKI PAGE that you own from a GOV site WITH fully anchor type supported Publicly Viewable Links Get best results in Search engines Now.

After the success from various internet marketing forums,Giving my service for our direct clients for edu and gov backlinks service.
Edu backlinksare most searched backlinks in the world.We stop all your search and giving you edu backlinks in one place.We give best links better than most providers.
Why we are staying different from rest of other providers.
*Our edu backlinks are fully anchor type supported.
*Our edu backlinks are publicly viewable so easy for search engines to crawl
*We give Preference to best wiki pages and blog entries
*90% of backlinks are real .edu backlinks rather than edu.xx types
*95% of backlinks are real .gov backlinks and one of the best provider giving higher number of gov backlinks than anyother.
*One of the best providers for edu backlinks search in google and find our site
*we are the only providers giving you gov wiki page and your own Edu blogs where you can create article and post your links that are Publicly viewable
*Your backlinks are publicly viewable most customers happy with this information
*we are the best providers give you contextual edu links in blog post on edu blogs.


62 edu backlinks from 31 edu sites
08 gov backlinks from 04 gov sites
70 backlinks for just 30$.

Details needed:
1 url+2keyword
2 url+ 1 each keyword per url.

After the order send your details to my paypal id itself.Post your transaction id Using comment.

Bigger packages available here edu backlinks


3 edu blogs+1 gov wiki page (Please donot resell or share)

2 PR8 edu blog.
1 PR7 edu blog.
1 PR3 edu blog.(Bonus Blog)
1 PR5 Gov wiki page.

*You can write your article with your keywords as anchor text with your url.
*You can create many articles.
*All blogs are publicly viewable

You can create your own edu blogs from a good university sites with High PR and a gov wiki page with your own content.With complete screenshots and information about how to do it PDF will be given with tips to safe your blog from radar.Lots of our blogs are more than 7 months old,Very limited copies.Actual price is 90$.For Our clients i set the price to minimum 60$.But For Limited time it will be 40$Grab soon


Package1+Package2 super discount only 80$ But For Limited time it will be 63$Grab soon

Grab your soon.

Special Pack Updated MAY 2011
*88 Edu backlinks From 44 Edu sites
*10 Gov backlinks From 5 Gov sites
*2 Mil backlinks From 1 Mil sites
So 100 Backlinks just 50$

Happy edu blogging with Edu backlinks…..Check our other services too…

Note:After Buying Don’t worry we contact you with in 12hours maximum 24hours of purchasing and
For Each package Send us 1 URL + 2 keyword or 2 URL+ 1 each keyword per url to our paypal id itself
Thanks have a bright SEO.


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